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Color Therapy through Watercolor Painting

Use your paintings as a soul-mirror to recover and transform lost and ìfrozenî aspects of soul. Guided color exercises offer a soul-training to develop inner flexibility, open-mindedness and focus on the present moment.

Nature Drawing
With charcoal, pastel or brush and ink. Nature observation and drawing exercises to enliven our senses and our ways of seeing. These  assist with  soul  balance, harmony and grounding.

Individual Sessions for Adults and Children
Parent-Child Sessions
Couples and Small Groups

Initial Session for Assessment

This one hour session includes a diagnostic watercolor painting and a dark/light drawing exercise  with  a color-reflection assessment based on oneís combined color choices. This is followed by suggestions for color influences that will be of help at present, for bringing the soul into harmony.
 With children, play and story-making  therapy  with colored scarves, cloth dolls and objects from nature , singing and creative movement is combined with a color and diagnostic drawing assessment.  In a childís session, parents should be prepared for a 10-15 minute consultation at the end of 45 minutes where the child will  share their artwork and story. I usually recommend flower essences where appropriate to assist  both children and adults with the therapeutic process.

Follow -up sessions

Based on the initial assessment, specific exercises in  watercolor painting or drawing, will be given to balance the one-sided tendencies that have revealed themselves.  With adults, suggestions will be made as to how the individual may take the exercises further on his/her own.  A series of seven sessions in addition to the diagnostic session is considered a first level completion and a break and re-assessment is recommended after this series.

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