Creative Arts for Spirit Renewal
Sacred Plant Cycle
©1999 Carla Mattioli

Flower Essences for Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

" For the flowers are great blessings.
For the flowers have their angels even the words of God's Creation,
For the flower glorifies God...
For there is a language of flowers.
For flowers are peculiarly the poetry of Christ."
from Jubilate Agno, by Christopher Smart

Each flower in nature has a specific gift to offer us for healing. Consultations with Carla Mattioli draw from both English and North American Flower Essences which total over 140 different flowers from plants and trees in Great Britain and North America . Taken internally or applied topically, flower essences are the energy medicine of the plant kingdom in liquid form. Distilled through water and light, they help clear such emotions as fear, stress and grief. They  can open us to our highest creative expression and can be used in collaboration with the healing arts process, supporting  the integrity of body, soul and spirit. Each flower essence, like each color of the rainbow, presents an archetype of healing to the soul. Combined with our focused intentions, the essences work with gentle intensity to clear negative patterns and re-harmonize our energy field. Along with your dosage bottle, you receive a set of healing affirmations for meditation.

A  Flower Consultation includes:

  • A number of flower essences intuitively selected especially for your soul’s unfolding at this time, assisting you to live more in the expression of your highest potential. This includes from three to ten flower essences from the English or North American flower set of remedies combined in one dosage bottle. A 1 oz. dosage bottle of essences to be taken orally 4 times per day for 6-8 weeks.

  • A 45 minute soul reading consultation which explains how your set of flowers will assist you in clarifying your soul and spirit purpose.
  • A calligraphed set of meditation affirmations, one for each flower, connecting you with the highest soul/spirit purpose of each flower.  Use these on a daily basis to support the work of the remedies.
  • Consultations are available by telephone and your remedies and affirmations may be safely mailed to you.
  • Gift Certificates for Flower essence Consultations also available.


                          "  Each flower is a Divine Temple, in which the Divine One comes to us" 
                                                                                         Parahamsa Yogananda


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