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Let the Beauty we love be what we do. -- Rumi

  Carla Mattioli, M. A. is an Interfaith Minister, artist, art therapist,  yoga & tai chi/qigong teacher. Carla devotes her life to celebrating the power of the arts as a living , awakening source of  Heart and Soul healing and Spiritual renewal. Therapeutic arts help us enormously in times of illness, loss and transition as we move through challenges toward self-realization and release old patterns that no longer serve us. We are sustained with wisdom and spiritual guidance that stream toward us through the practice of the arts.
                                As the I Ching, The Chinese Book of Changes says
        " Creativity comes from awakening and directing our higher natures, which originate in
                 the primal depths of the universe and are appointed by heaven".

                                                                Educational Background

A former public school teacher, Carla holds a Master's Degree in Creativity in Literature and Art from UMass Boston and extensive post-graduate training in Anthroposophical Visual Arts and Art Therapy inspired by the spiritual research and color theories of Rudolf Steiner. Carla has been in private practice as an art therapist and has worked in the field of education, arts and humanities for over 30 years. In addition to teaching painting and drawing to Waldorf Teachers in training at Antioch New England Graduate School, Carla has been an arts consultant, therapist and workshop leader at schools and conferences across the country.

She first realized the healing qualities in plants and flowers through drawing and painting them, and was introduced to Flower essence preparation and consultation with the English essences in Britain in 1985. Carla has since trained with the Flower Essence Society in Nevada City, California, and for many years she has lectured at hospitals, schools  health and yoga centers , training health professionals and others interested in the use of flower essences for emotional and spiritual well-being.

Carla has also practiced yoga for  30 years, and has benefited from the study of many styles of yoga, dance, eurythmy, Alexander Technique , tai chi and Buddhist mindfulness meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn. Teaching yoga now for 17 years, Carla is certified in the Krishnamacharya lineage of yoga, which values adapting yoga to the individual needs of every student. She is certified in Tai Chi  instruction from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi  in Santa Barbara, California and in the instructor training program of Dr. Fuzhong Li of the OREGON RESEARCH INSTITUTE- the first Evidence-based Tai Chi program for Better Balance and Healthy Aging . She is currently training with Master Lee Holden from Santa Cruz California   in Qigong, Tai Chi and Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga) out of the tradition of Master Mantak Chia.

For 4 years Carla studies mindfulness meditation and movement with  Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn and  she now pursues further art training in the Zen arts of  JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY and Oriental Flower Arrangement,
 aspects of the original Taoist Arts training in the  ancient Shaolin Temples of China.

Carla is ordained  as an Interfaith Minister from the New Seminary Center for Interfaith Studies in NYC. and the Tree of Life Interfaith Seminary in New Hampshire.

                                                       Painting Themes and Inspirations

Her artwork is particularly dedicated to Divine Wisdom and Divine Love and her heartfelt prayer is that  her work may inspire us to open  our hearts to new levels of awakening, compassion, deep listening and peace, all so much needed now.  Carla’s Italian family roots come from Monte St. Angelo (Mountain of the Angels) on the Southeast coast of Italy where a vision of the Archangel  Michael was seen in the 9th Century A.D. Carla also experiences a strong connection with the meditative practices of Zen Buddhism and the color healing wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism . She loves the sacred wisdom traditions of Ancient Egypt ,Taoism and the  Yoga Wisdom of India. She has studied yoga for 28 years and sacred dance from a number of world traditions.Practiced Qigong and Tai Chi for 10 years. Elements of all these inspirational world cultures can be seen weaving through her paintings.
          The Awakening Arts Collection of paintings are created through the mediums of watercolor, plant pigments and fabric dyes on paper and silk. There are now over  20 of her works available for purchase in art cards and various sized digital reproduction and Giclee prints as well as originals for sale. Feng Shui consultants  have recommended Carla’s work for its high level of vibration, its potential to transform energy in a space and its inspirational and uplifting qualities. Through the help of the world-wide web, Carla’s transformational Art Cards, Art prints  and Art Correspondence Courses are now enjoyed by friends all around the world.

Full Color digital reproductions and Giclee prints as well as originals of her works are available for viewing and purchase by appointment.

     Carla teaches art , yoga and tai chi /qigong classes  on Boston's North Shore and offers personalized  color consultations, art therapy, flower essence consultations, private yoga/tai chi/qigong instruction and intensive trainings in the Awakening Arts  approach to painting both in person and via Art Correspondence course.

Carla Mattioli, M.A.
Awakening Arts

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               Yoga , Tai Chi/Qigong, Art Therapy, Painting, Flower Essences                                              

                       with  CARLA MATTIOLI, M.A.

                                  Art Classes and Art Therapy

"Carla's classes are a truly transformative experience. Her approach to teaching is open, supportive and extremely thoughtful. Her great gift is an ability to engender an awareness of color as a living being, breathing through art.
Any student who is lucky enough to experience any of the classes will be amazed at how Carla can call forth the artist in us. One begins to see all of nature as the work of a Divine Artist, and when the classes have ended, one senses a new octave has been touched. "                                                           R.C.

"I have been deeply moved and inspired here, and have gained in self knowledge."  L.D.

"The course gave me completely new insights into color- a new growth experience, long overdue.
Carla is a magnificent teacher, I appreciate her depth. "         D. O.

" I took  a  painting class with Carla in October. My wife, Deidra, a teacher there, had given me a gift to take the class. The class was just wonderful. For days and days I couldn’t stop looking at the leaves and taking in the natural tapestry of fall – stopping several times to collect some beautiful leaves.You also inspired me to do a few paintings since the class. It has been such a great internal./ Spiritual little journey each time I paint – I just wanted to thank you for being the teacher that you were that day.   God bless, "   J.B.

"I cannot say enough about the results of Carla's teaching, that I have felt both personally and have witnessed in others.  Carla creates an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, a safe, stimulating environment which encourages people to reach their full creative potential. She enables people to explore the act of creation as a spiritual practice, as a way of awakening to their true nature and contacting the beauty and mystery of their lives."    Psychotherapist

"With the art therapy and flower essences, Carla has been an angel and a gift for myself and my three children. As a result we are so much better able to communicate our feelings to eachother. Thank you so much."                                            Artist and mother of three.

"Carla is a wonderful art therapist, to whom I am always delighted to refer clients. She applies the therapies imaginatively; she individualizes treatment: she works extremely well with both children and adults. She takes deep interest in her clients and conveys warmth and positivity, in short, she has a true therapeutic manner. I've been most pleased and priviledged to work with this gifted therapist and have only the highest recommendations for her work.  "             Family Physician
                                                                                                                                        Dr. Alicia Landman

                         Tai Chi/ Qigong Testimonials from Seniors

       " I feel healthier and happier! My balance has improved, I'm more mindful of my breath.

     The practice helps me slow down.  "    Peggy Wakeman, Rose Baker Senior Center


      " I attend 2 of Carla's Tai Chi classes per week in Rockport.  I experience more relief from my joint

      pain from these  Tai Chi classes than from physical therapy!    Lisa Paone,
                                                                                                             Rockport Council on Aging


   " Carla is the most amazing teacher! The guided imagery and breath practice along with the

        ancient Tai Chi/Qigong movements bring a feeling of healing, love, peace, calm and beauty to my body,         mind and  spirit. It  is simple to modify if someone needs to!"     Dr. Judy Warrington

    “Almost one year of Tai Chi practice with Carla and I feel holistically renewed -
    I function better with more energy and much less arthritic pain. I am grateful! I look forward to every         class and Carla’s  optimism. "                                                       Anna M.     Rockport, Ma

        I just love Carla’s Tai Chi class! I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my joints and Tai Chi /Qigong is              perfect to heal my achy knees and shoulders! I leave class feeling relaxed and re-juvenated.
                                                                                                                    Betsy Hale, Rockport Ma

          “My neurologist recommended that I learn Tai Chi to help with my balance and walking issues due to             idiopathic peripheral neuropathy.  Carla teaches Tai Chi & Qigong both of which encourage my                     body, mind and spirit to cooperate with eachother to produce strength and energy.  Under her                     tutelage, in just four months of private sessions, I now can walk and stand for periods of time without             the aid of my cane and more stability is achieved with each session. Thank you, Carla!”
                                                                                                            Mary Malcolmson,  Rockport, MA


                                   YOGA CLASS TESTIMONIALS

"This is the most extraordinarily subtle and powerful yoga I've ever taken.   The first class I took with Carla I walked in with a lot of neck & shoulder pain and walked out feeling like I'd just been to my chiropractor.    At this point I've taken over 70 classes with Carla, and every single time I leave feeling transformed both physically and mentally.  Carla manages to seamlessly blend her gift for color and imagery with her clear instructions in a way that puts me in some sort of meditative state the whole time.  I take a morning class -what a great way to start the day!"                 
                                                                                         MUSICIAN AND PIANO TEACHER

Yoga Class for Men Testimonial
"Carla has recognized the particular needs of men by organizing a special yoga class attuned to our potentials and sufferings. Some of us have worked in physical occupations, some not, but we have all accrued limitations to our wellbeing in movement. I am enjoying  the fuller, more comfortable use of my body. With Carla's encouragement I'm even regaining some range of motion in injured areas of my neck and wrists. "   M.R.   STONEMASON AND ACTOR

"For many years my lower back was my achille's heel. The rest of my body was in excellent shape. I experienced almost constant pain except when lying down that ranged from mild to excrutiating depending on what activities I needed to engage in.  I began attending Carla's classes one year ago and have done 1-2 yoga classes a week and tai chi as well. After a few months I began to notice a change in my back! The pain became intermittant!  I actually had periods of time pain free!! Now after a year of classes the pain returns rarely and only  after intense exertion (like shovelling). I know now what yoga sequences to do to bring relief fairly quickly. I am immensly grateful to Carla and Vini-yoga for helping me heal what otherwise may have been a crippling condition. She is a dedicated, sensitive and intensely aware teacher."

C.T.  Building Contractor, former Modern Dance Teacher and Performer

"Carla's teaching is among the very best. She takes a personal interest in each student, is conscientious about
their unique needs, special requirements and bodily issues that arise with regularity.Classes are always changing, yet contain fundamentally basic postures and sequences that help build a strong foundation. She brings in elements like the seasons, the constellations, the environment and Ayurvedic principles.Carla even  changes venues as in this summer when we practiced by the sea in Rockport.Very sincere and dedicated, Carla earns people's respect and dedication with a loyal clientele, many of whom have taken her classes for  10 years now.She is multi-talented, has a lovely singing voice, plays an instrument and leads chants that I find myself happily humming throughout the day.
I feel stronger, more flexible and balanced in my practice and will continue to participate in Carla's classes for my health, well-being and happiness. "     B.P. Gloucester, Ma