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Creative Arts for Spirit Renewal
Blossoms on Silk
1999 Carla Mattioli

Creative Arts Intensive

                                                                           An Independent Study
Visual Arts Training
inspired by AnthropoSophia
(A Correspondence Course Version also available)

The new task of Painting:
So that the Soul’s Experience, 
when it encounters the impact of a Painting,
 itself may become a work of  Art.
   -- Rudolf Steiner

created and facilitated by
Carla Mattioli, M.A.

 I cannot say enough about the results of Carla’s teaching, that I have felt both personally and have witnessed in others. Carla creates an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, a safe, stimulating environment which encourages people to reach their full creative potential. She enables people to explore the act of creation as a spiritual practice, as a way of awakening to  their true nature and contacting the beauty and mystery of their lives.

-- Course Participant
Maintaining a connection with our Creative and Spiritual Source is the key to vitality, flexibility and determination in the face of  life’s challenges and opportunities. Each of the fine arts allows certain creative powers of the human being to become active, and these powers work back on us through our  practice.  Practiced with intention, the  healing arts of painting and drawing work as  powerful mirrors of our  being which can lead to a deepened  sense of self-awareness and nature awareness and  great opportunities  for self-transformation. As we create, we unfold our essence, embrace our  life purpose more fully, and stand in the integrity of our truth. Our art expresses more and more of this vitality as our Soul’s Sun awakens.
      This creative arts intensive independent study program offers artistic exercises with one-on-one tutorial in the realms of watercolor painting as a process of color harmony and  color dynamics as well as drawing from nature. These exercises enhance our faculties of observation through feelings, and  bring us again and again into the present moment, while we explore questions of balance and harmony in our work and in our own being. This course is  designed to assist teachers, therapists, artists, and other  practitioners in the  social  service, education and healing professions who want to awaken to the healing  power of the arts and integrate this process into their life more fully.  It may also be a course for individuals who want to pursue their own path of wholeness  and creative development through the arts  and  seek a supportive environment  in which to do this.  We also will have the opportunity to learn from each other, and  let go of old preconceptions and fears as our work , our Souls  and the Eyes of our Heart open , transform , refine and expand our perceptions.

This  independent study course includes 96  total required hours of practice in the arts per series.  This includes 2 hours per week  in class time and 2 hours homework. This  totals 16 hours  of study  per month over a six month period and  the schedules may vary according to the needs of the participant although a rhythmical weekly meeting is highly recommended. 

The first year curriculum explores Goethe’s and Steiner’s color theories as preparation for creative work:  the archetypal qualitities and formative  movements of the colors of the rainbow.  The kingdom of nature and nature moods and the  sacred cycles of the year are experienced through painting, drawing and nature observation.  Classes include  painting sessions, color therapy seminar and study  group,  nature drawing , nature observation and creative movement . In warmer weather, the drawing class may take place outdoors. 
 This course of study may be continued for another three series after the first, for a total of four  with at least a four month break,each series curriculum building on the prior.  An Awakening Arts Certificate will be awarded at the completion of Series Four.

Series One: The Individuality and Nature of Color - Color Laws and Dynamics - Based on Steiner, Goethe, Kandinsky and related color theory. Study topics: The Arts and Soul and Spiritual Development.
Series Two: History of Art and Human Consciousness through Painting and Drawing.  Museum visits. Special Artist Projects.  Study : Spiritual History of Art.
Series Three: Cosmic Polarities and the Arts. Metamorphosis, dissolving and Transforming .  Study  : Steiner on Art and Transformation.
Series Four: Dry Painting and Veiling and Color Perspective. Steiner’s Color Lectures and Exercises , Study : Art and Healing, Art and Aesthetics.


Applicants are required to take one series of Awakening Arts Classes and/or one series of private sessions with Carla as a prerequisite to this course, to give the applicant a sense of what this Creative Arts process involves.  A personal interview may also be requested.
The course is held in Rockport, Massachusetts, near the ocean.   For those who live nearby, for whom commuting is an option, Rockport is just  about  50 miles north of  Boston on Rt.128. 


 Tuition  per series (96 hours of study)  $3000

Tuition includes some supplemental art supplies and reading materials. Most art supplies will need to be purchased. Deposit of $500 required to hold your place in the course. Full balance is due at the start of the series.

For a course application, more information or to be placed on the Awakening Arts mailing list call:
(978) 491-0726 or