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Classes & Workshops  
  with  Carla Mattioli, M.A.

Carla Mattioli , M.A., Artist, Interfaith Minister is director of Awakening Arts  in Rockport Massachusetts, offering tai chi, yoga, art classes, art therapy and trainings in  Creative Arts  for Spiritual Renewal.  Art Classes are inspired by  spiritual  and color  mystery teachings of  Ageless Wisdom from many world traditions, including the Western Mysteries of Rudolf Steiner & Anthroposophy ,  the inspirations of Sufism, the Egyptian mysteries and the Hermetic tradition,  Hindu and yogic traditions,Tibetan Buddhist teachings, Taoist teachings and more.  In the realm of sacred movement, Carla teaches classes in Vini-Yoga, Tai Chi Easy & meditation classes all over Cape Ann, in Lexington  and in Newburyport Ma. She offers private art therapy, yoga,tai chi and flower essence consultations at  her  home studio in Rockport, Massachusetts.

"Let the Beauty we Love be what we Do. "  

Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th Century



Art Class for  Rockport Seniors -Front Page News!

Light, Shadow and Color Prismatics Class
at the Rockport Council on Aging



Carla's Yoga DVDs and Tai Chi CD now available! 

DVD #1     Practicing with Intention- Viniyoga practice

Voice and instruction by Claire Willis with poses demonstrated by Carla Mattioli 

An Overall Practice (1 hour) &  a hip and shoulder practice (35 min.)  Cost  $20

DVD #2      Breathe and Smile Yoga Class DVD taught by Carla Mattioli
Fifty minute class- overall  viniyoga style practice with deep relaxation    Cost $20

 Tai Chi Practice #1 CD
- a recorded vitality practice from Carla's Tai Chi
                                Class at the Gloucester Council on Aging  20 minutes                 Cost $15

New! Healing Meditation Practice with Mudra     37 minutes long   Cost $20

Breathe & Smile Yoga
& Tai Chi for Better Balance & Healthy Aging Classes
with Carla Mattioli
(978) 546-8018
Enjoy a vini-yoga class to help you stretch, tone, breathe more deeply and be more aware of the beauty ,grace and strength of your body . Slow down, develop focus and concentration. Appreciate each moment of your day though breath awareness. Includes guided gentle yet invigorating yoga postures with  a dance-flow feeling , breathing exercises and deep relaxation for release of stress and tension, deep refreshment for body, mind, soul and spirit.   Beginners welcome.
(please bring yoga mat, strap, blanket and water to drink)
     Please pre-register to insure a place in the class.
If you are a new student, please call Carla before coming to the class. 

Ongoing Tuesday evening Yoga : 5:00- 6:30 p.m.

$120 for 8 class series.$20 per class drop in .

3 Pigeon Hill St. Rockport, Ma

  Ongoing Friday Morning Yoga: 8- 9:30 a.m First Parish Hall, Manchester, MA
 ( on Chapel Lane behind the Sovereign Bank next to the
 Public Library in downtown Manchester)
$120 for 8 class series.$20 per class drop in .

Ongoing Tai Chi/Qigong Classes for Seniors
Practice tai chi to cultivate your internal warmth and vital energy, for Better Balance and Healthy Aging!

($4-$5 / class for the over 60 age group)
Gloucester Council on Aging  -  Rose Baker Senior Center     
6 Manuel F Lewis St  Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

Phone  (978) 281-9765

Tuesday Mornings 9-10 a.m.   &   Friday Mornings 11-12 a.m.

Rockport Council on Aging
   Every Tuesday Morning: 10:30 -11:30 a.m.
Every Wednesday Morning 9-10 a.m.

58 Broadway, Rockport Ma.
Phone: (978) 546-2573

  TAI CHI IS A SIMPLE FORM OF FLOWING MOVEMENT PRACTICE generally safe for people of all ages and levels of fitness.  Movements are low impact and place minimal stress on muscles and joints. Practitioners gather, circulate and harmonize internal energy with the energy of the universe to improve health and achieve deep relaxation and peace of mind. YOU MAY DO THE PRACTICE SITTING OR STANDING-  .  Each hour long practice of Tai Chi includes gentle movements, mindful breathing, mindful walking, meditation & self massage. MANY HEALTH BENEFITS INCLUDE:   • increased energy  •  relief from chronic pain •    improved mental focus   •  cardiovascular fitness •    enhanced immune function  •  greater strength and flexibility •  •  reducing stress, anxiety, depression • improving balance & coordination / fall prevention •  improving sleep quality •    slowing bone loss in women after menopause  •    lowering blood pressure


for working on  specific healing themes
or developing your own personal practice.


New Wednesday Yoga Class!

Manchester Council on Aging

Chair Yoga Class for Seniors with Carla

Cost  $7/class

Location: First Parish Church Chapel Hall

1 Chapel Lane

Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts

Ongoing Wednesdays 11-12 a.m.

( no class on July 17th, 2019)

Carla Mattioli, M.A.

 Movement Arts Biography

"Meditation through Breath and Movement"

Interfaith Teacher , Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Yoga Teacher (300 hours)

Certified Tai Chi Easy Teacher, Certified Tai Chi for Better Balance & Healthy Aging  Instructor

 Carla has studied sacred movement and meditation for over 30 years through a variety of  inspiring teachers from multiple wisdom traditions. She has studied  Vini-yoga from the Krishnamacharya lineage, Iyengar yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Classical Indian Dance, Egyptian and Belly Dance , Eurythmy from Rudolf Steiner and Tai Chi in the style of the Living Tao Foundation .She has certified with Tai Chi Master Roger Jahnke of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi in Santa Barbara, California and certified in the instructor training program of Dr. Fuzhong Li of the Oregon Research Institute -the first evidence-based Tai Chi program for falls prevention, based on  scientific research.   Carla is currently certifiying with Master Lee Holden from Santa Cruz California who is Senior Student of the Master Mantak Chia in qigong , Tai Chi and Tao Yin (taoist yoga) .  For 4 years,Carla studied Zen Buddhist Meditation and movement  in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh  and now pursues Art training in the Zen traditions of Japanese Calligraphy and Oriental Flower Arrangement, all aspects of the orginal Martial Arts trainings in the Ancient Shaolin Temples in China.
She is certified in Dance Yoga through Yoga Spirit Studios and in Yoga Instruction from the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar and Krishnamacharya  through the Yoga Institute of Houston  and  in Vini-yoga through  study with  Gary Kraftsow , Fran Ubertini , Claire Willis and Mark Whitwell. and has  completed her certification in Ayurvedic Studies with Jai Dev Singh . Carla is also certified as a Tai Chi Practice Leader through the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi in Santa Barbara, California and through the Tufts Health Plan Foundation in Tai Chi for Healthy Aging.
Her classes incorporate a gentle yet strengthening and invigorating yoga  and tai chi style to bring the body through its full range of motion, assist flexiblility, strength and stress reduction with breath exercises, mindfulness practice,  self massage and deep relaxation.


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Upcoming Art Classes & Workshops

Carla now teaches year-round art classes at the
Rockport Council on Aging (58 Broadway Rockport, Ma.

(978) 546 2573
) as well as the Rose Baker Senior Center in Gloucester. Please contact Carla or the Senior Centers directly for news on upcoming classes.

Winter Class Rockport Council on Aging
January 16th -March 20th, 2019
Introduction to Chinese Brush Painting

with Carla Mattioli, M.A.
with inspiration from CLASSIC ZEN PAINTING MANUALS
The Four Gentlemen: Explore painting of the plum blossom,
wild orchid, Bamboo and chrysanthemum!  Beginners Welcome!

8 Week Class
Register through Rockport Council on Aging

 2019 Spring Art Class
 Rockport Council on Aging

 58 Broadway, Rockport
Painting from the Garden of Life
“The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.”
Matsuo Basho

with Carla Mattioli
May 28- July 9th
Tuesdays 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Celebrate the beauty of nature in early spring! Through guided exercises and free explorations, learn new ways of seeing trees, plants, colors and the sky …play with both wet & dry technique in watercolors and chalk pastels.   Beginners welcome!
Cost: $80 for 8 weeks - art materials included
Please Pre-register on Tuesdays 1:30-3 p.m. and Thurs. 9:30-11.
  Call (978) 546 -2573 for more information

Carla's Autumn 2019 Art Class at the
Rockport Council on Aging
Nature and the Four Seasons
Brush & Ink, Watercolor and Pastels
Tuesday afternoons 1:30-3:30 p.m.
September 17th- November 19th   -10 weeks
Cost $100  includes all art supplies.
Class size limited to 10 participants.
Register early at  Rockport Council on Aging (978)546-2573
by September 4, 2019.

Other wonderful Art Classes offered:

Private Group classes can be arranged for 3 or more students, please call to schedule your favorite class for you and friends!

The Mystery Wisdom of Colour:
Color Healing for Soul Harmony

     Have you always loved color?  Learn about the history and mysteries of the rainbow through painting and color exercises. Find out about the healing qualities of the rainbow  colors first hand. What gifts can you receive from the Rainbow? Explore exercises on color balance & harmony that change the way you see the sky and all of the colors in nature !  Deepen your color awareness and wake up to colors like you never have before!



"Colour is the Soul of Nature and of the entire Cosmos. We participate in this Soul and in Cosmic Life when we experience the living flood-tide of Colour. Painting is the free movement of the Soul in the Universe." 

Rudolf Steiner

Plant Metamorphosis- Carla Mattioli

 The Sacred Cycle of the Plant through Color :
Awakening to the Metamorphosis of Plants

   through Nature Meditation , Creative Movement, Pastel Nature Drawing, Watercolor Painting





with Carla Mattioli, M.A.

This workshop explores the healing work of the Archangel Raphael, known as the
“Breathing of the Sun” who assists us this time of the year, to bring forces of healing and
balance in preparation for the Easter season. We’ll follow the slide show/discussion with
drawing and painting exercises designed to awaken us to the polarities that Rudolf
Steiner describes are working to pull us off balance and explore the path of maintaining
Christ consciousness : holding the center space open with loving compassion.No
previous art experience necessary to join in. Beginners welcome.



"Yantra on theYoga Mat" Workshop

Meditation and Yantra Painting Workshop
with Carla Mattioli, M.A.

 “ Through Beauty we are united.
Through Beauty we pray.
  With Beaut
y we conquer.”
                        Nicolas Roerich

True art nourishes us on so many levels!
The art of Yantra  painting is an ancient practice of meditation through
art that enhances creativity, reduces stress and helps us appreciate the colors and forms of nature around us,
 offering us a sense of harmony, balance and inner peace. To paint a yantra is a creative process!
Choose from a number of beautiful yantra designs including Bliss, Divine Mother,  Radiance,  Nourishment,  Strength,
Communication, Expansion, Organization. You can even design your own Yantra! Trace your yantra design either
 on your own yoga mat or or other large surface ( at least 22"x22"). Choose your colors and the practice unfolds!  No previous art experience is required.  
We will do a brief meditation before the painting begins and again at the end of the class.
Meditative music will accompany the practice.

$65 plus $15 art materials.
 Bring your own mat or flat surface to paint on.


Preparing for Summer Solstice and St. John's Day
Breathing in Color- Moods of Day and Evening
Color Meditation, Eurythmy, Singing and  Watercolor Painting 
1:30-4 p.m. 


How can our Art Bless the Trees?
     Out into Nature- Drawing & Painting with the Summer Trees

 Eurythmy, Singing, Nature Drawing and Watercolor Painting. Inspired by the teachings of  Marko Pogacnik with
some of his nature meditation exercises.   
Gain strength from and give thanks to our precious trees! 
1:30-4:30 p.m.


The Uprising in Dying:
Death and Spiritual Transformation

 with Lecture on the process of Dying from an Interfaith perspective, Poetry, Creative Movement , Nature Drawing and Painting

Uprising by Carla Mattioli


The Seasons of the Soul

Colorscape by Carla Mattioli

Exploring the Metamorphosis principle in painting, allow a painting to transform through all four seasons in this one afternoon. Feel the effects of  this transformative soul process- letting go and embracing the new.
Guided exercises, no prior art experience required.

New Offering!

Star of the Sea Sanctuary
Meditation Class
with  Carla Mattioli,   M.A. Interfaith Minister
“Honoring the Divine Light within Each One”

Meditation Series One
8 weeks
Finding and Focusing your Inner Light:
 The Still Point Within. 
In many of the world’s spiritual traditions, the weeks around  the  time of Winter Solstice are a time for going inward, time for deep communion with our Spirit Self. Honor the presence of the Divine within you! *Learn simple essential tools and techniques - that really work- for accessing your own ability to cleanse and heal your energy field daily.* Learn how to find a still point of focus for your meditation ,healing and prayer work.* Learn  ways to remove other people’s energy from your energy field and how to protect your field.*Ground yourself in all situations, to be aware of your own soul space and to protect it. *Connect to your own Divine healing energy and practice de-stressing , clearing the body of disease , pain and  build up of emotional tension.

$160-$240 for the course.  
 Please pre-register at (978) 546-8018
Location: 3 Pigeon Hill St. Rockport, MA 01966.


        Embodying the Divine Feminine

Art Class for the Advent Season
Cost of the Workshop  $50 includes all art materials.

As we move into December, the darkest time of the year is upon us.
 This is the time when the moon is with us for more hours per day than other times of the year.
A perfect time to celebrate the energies of the Divine Mother and the Holy Child
of the Light Returning both inside us and around us in Nature!

   In this workshop we'll use some exercises of the Earth Healer Marko Pogacnik,
and begin to expand our perception of the Divine Feminine and the Holy Child, within and around us. 
We will practice painting and drawing with these exercises, to enhance and express our experiences.
We will also watch the slides of Rudolf Steiner's Healing Madonna Treatment.
No experience in art is necessary to enjoy this workshop!
Here are some of the exercises we will explore together as a group and share our impressions artistically.

Exercise for connecting to Heaven and Earth within.

 Breathing Exercise to Focus in the Heart.

Breath Exchange between the Goddess and yourself.

 Exercise to experience the Holy Child within.

 To Register or Arrange  a Workshop: Call 978-546-8018.  Please send tuition payment
1-2 weeks in
  advance of class date to :
              Awakening Arts, Carla Mattioli, M.A.  P.O. Box 777 Rockport, MA 01966.
Transformational Services  for Adults and Children:

* Sacred Ceremonies by Design- Weddings, Baby Blessings, Funerals,

Coming of Age Moon Maiden Celebrations  for Young Girls, Goddess Birthday Celebrations, etc.

* Spiritual Direction and Counseling Sessions through Arts, Yoga and Flower Essences
* Art Therapy Sessions,

*Painting Lessons for Soul integration and Spiritual Renewal
*Creative Arts Intensive Training Program
* Flower Essence Consultations
*Flower Essence Consultant Training Program
*  Yoga Classes, Private Yoga & Meditation Classes & Yoga to Go

(6 persons minimum)


COMING OF AGE Ceremonies with

Beauty , Reverence, Wisdom & Self-Esteem
Celebration for Young Girls coming into their Moon Time.  Includes slides of Divine Feminine in Art and Sculpture, dance, yoga,painting , making a moon -cycle bracelet and creating a ceremony together. Planning a one day event in Spring and Autumn each year. Held in  Rockport, MA For more info to schedule a celebration for your daughter and her friends call Awakening Arts: (978)546-8018.

A teacher in the arts and humanities for 23 years, Carla has a Master’s in Creativity in Literature and Art from UMass Boston and extensive post-graduate training from Tobias Academy of Art in England, in the field of Anthroposophical  Visual  Arts  and  Art Therapy   inspired by the spiritual  research of  Rudolf Steiner.She is currently enrolled in a Eurythmy training program, the Spiritual form of Movement inspired by Rudolf Steiner. In addition to teaching  art to Waldorf  Teachers in training at Antioch New England Graduate School, over the last 15 years Carla is painting out of this inspiration and is active as an  arts educator, art therapist  and workshop  leader at  schools and conferences in New England and abroad.
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Awakening Art Shows and Exhibits
See Carla's Paintings , Prints and Art Cards for Viewing and Purchase:

Awakening Arts Gallery at 3 Pigeon Hill St.
Rockport, Massachusetts

Original Silk Paintings and Watercolors, by Carla Mattioli
Giclee Prints and Art Cards for Sale  
Viewing  times  by appointment call (978)546-8018

CALL (978)546-8018 to REGISTER for all classes or with any questions on directions or ordering prints .

Tuition Policies
Full course tuition is required for registration.
Please register  three weeks in advance. Make check payable to  Carla Mattioli or Awakening Arts. Send to:
Carla Mattioli, P.O. Box 777, Rockport, MA 01966
No refunds will be granted on tuition once a class has commenced.
Painting Exercises  will be provided for missed classes, if student requests.
 Credit for missed classes may be applied to another  Awakening Arts course within 6 months
( with instructor's permission) or to a private painting session.
For more information or to be placed on the Awakening Arts emailing list call:
(978) 546-8018 or E-mail: